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Advanced Rowing Program Summary

This program is for:

  • Experienced adult rowers
  • Rowers who have the coach's permission to advance out of the novice program
  • Rowers who want to work on base fitness and technical improvement
  • Rowers who wish to do some racing, but don't want that to be the focus of their rowing experience

Program Details

The group includes members in their late teens through their 70’s. Practices include both sweep rowing and sculling. If you have a preference to focus on either sweep or sculling, please talk to the coach and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Coached sessions focus on giving athletes a solid rowing foundation. The expectation is that all are prepared to commit to rowing sessions that target improvements to technique, fitness and spirit, as well as rowing together cohesively as a group. Priorities include the teaching and practice of a consistent stroke technique, plus a team spirit that is fun and mutually supportive. 

Daily practice lineups and workouts are geared toward technical proficiency with the rowing stroke and crew unity. Workouts aim to optimize fitness, and minimize injury potential.

There is no monthly erg test requirement for this program and there is no attendance requirement, though the more practices you attend, the more you will develop as a rower.

You are welcome to join our club and our practices at anytime during the year. Our on water season runs from about April 1 to October 31 each year. We also have regular coached practices over the winter at our boathouse.

Meet the coach

MRC is currently seeking a coach for the advanced program. 

Practice schedule

The water season at Mendota RC generally runs from April to the end of October. From November to March, we offer winter training. More information about winter training is available here.

During water season practices are:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thurs:  
      • 5:15am setup and launch boats
      • 5:30am push off from dock
      • 6:45am off water
  • Saturday: 6:00-8:00 am

Rowers must sign up for practice by 5 pm the night before to allow the coaching staff time to put lineups together. Please make sure that the days that you sign up for are the days that you can come to practice. Your absence directly affects your teammates (especially those assigned to your boat). You are considered late if you arrive after your boat is lifted off its rack. The practice sign up process for all programs is located here.

Coached practices are not open to members with an Independent Sculling Membership. You must have a full, novice, or monthly membership to participated in coached practices. 

2017 Race Schedule

The following races are under consideration for attendance in 2016. At the beginning of the season the Adult Committee Head will survey the rowers and work with the coaches to determine which of these events the club will attend.

Sprint Races

    • Grand Rapids
    • Chicago Sprints
    • Canadian Henley
    • Master's Nationals

Head Races

    • Head of the Des Moines
    • Tail of the Fox
    • Head of the Rock
    • Head of the Charles/Chicago Row-toberfest

Rowers from all of Mendota RC's programs are encouraged to participate in regattas. In addition to the information provided by coaches and the Regatta Coordinator, you can find out more about each race by visiting www.regattacentral.com.

Regatta Fees are as follows:

  1. Fees for each event in which you are participating
  2. Trailer fees, which vary given the distance to the regatta
  3. A coach fee of $10/rower per regatta day
  4. Dedicated coxswains will receive $50 per race day which will be divided among the rowers.

Race Results

For a full list of recent race results, please see our Race Results page.

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